Bead Franchise - a first for the city

The Bead Company, a place where people not only buy but also learn to make jewellery, took the US by storm and has now opened its first branch in Glasgow on October 28th.

The concept, which originated in the USA, has now got Mike Kurtyka at its head, who bought the rights for the franchise, and with a team comprising of Glasgow School of Art students, plans to make and teach others the art of jewellery and also sell it.

According to Mike, he is an entrepreneur who aims at fusing new ideas and a business that might just work and found Beads to be the perfect answer.

The idea that appealed to him most was that people who buy jewellery would also want to know how it is made and might like to explore the idea of making their own jewellery. Since they have all the necessary equipment and infrastructure, other interested people can also get involved.

Since the area that Mike and his wife Carole have hired is quite large at 2300sq ft, they can manufacture items as well as let the GSA graduates host classes.

Already shops like Polish delis, Blas, Delizique and other eateries like Café Rio have started with more cafes and bars coming up in the area which will help further in increasing business.