Best of Britain: UK Franchises

When choosing the perfect franchise for you, there are a myriad of factors that affect the eventual decision to become a franchisee of a particular brand. Here we review the precise benefits of picking a UK-based franchise that has proven popular with a British audience for years.

National Affinity

Local knowledge in business is a valuable commodity and by buying a business in a familiar location, investors can maximise the advantages of their surroundings. Many international businesses have tried and failed to integrate themselves in the UK market by simply applying the same initiatives and business practices that made them successful in their native country. British investors buying a UK franchise within this country are able to use their existing knowledge of UK markets, public demands and traditions to build a stronger business while knowing that the franchise they have invested in contains all of the key elements to be successful.

Proven in UK Markets

A business that has developed in the UK and has been successful has proven that there is consumer demand for it in this country. Foreign franchise opportunities have often been successful in the UK, but they are unlikely to have the same knowledge or business practices in place that appeal directly to UK audiences. The advantage then of buying into a British-born franchise opportunity is that it has been created for the cultural, geographical and habitual demands of a UK audience specifically. Therefore, it is more likely that you, as a franchisee will be equally as successful here too.

Public Preference

British businesses provide jobs for British people and help drive the national economy. This in itself is a powerful marketing tool for UK businesses because the UK public are sufficiently conscientious of the idea of promoting national companies above global conglomerates. By investing in a UK business over an internationally imported franchise concept, franchisees can benefit tremendously from a UK-wide sense of national pride.

The Personal Touch

Businesses that have been built up from the ground in Britain often retain their original cast of Directors that made the business as successful as it has become. When investing in a UK franchise, you can rely on the support of these original Directors who will truly know their business inside and out. When investing in a US or otherwise business, often the support received will come straight out of a manual.

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