Better opportunities offered in the automotive service franchise sector

Despite the many problems faced by the car manufacturing sector, the automotive services franchise sector is offering amazing opportunities never seen before which yield a high return.

Although, the UK figures of new car production appears to be in a state of freefall due to the current economic climate, as people continue to tighten their monthly budgets and hold on to their money because of the fear of job losses, it is easy to assume that starting a franchise in the automotive sector would not be the smartest thing to do. However, you could not be more wrong. The franchise owners at ChipsAway have continued to experience a consistent growth in their business and believe that it will continue to grow in the future.

Franchise owners at ChipsAway have seen repair enquires soar in the past quarter. The percentage of increase in new business leads for the quarter between January and March was an astounding 56%, as compared to the same period last year. In the month of March alone, ChipsAway had more than 9,000 inquires, the highest monthly figure since the leading automotive repair franchisor was established 15 years ago.

Paintwork repairs provided by ChipsAway usually cost a few hundred pounds, which is a cheaper alternative than purchasing a new car. Additionally, businesses with large fleets are also turning to specialist ChipsAway franchises for repairs and save substantial costs.

If you have been considering investing in a franchise, consider the automotive service sector. There has never been a better time or opportunity to make money.