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Video Transcript

Dan van Kuyk, Founder of Betterclean Services
"Betterclean Service is a management services business opportunity for investors and commercially minded individuals. The business opportunity is built around the commercial cleaning services.

"The model has been developed in such a way to give franchise owners the opportunity to build a multi-territory, multi-million pound operation, in their local area. We are looking for highly motivated individuals, with a keen grasp of English language, who have the drive and determination to build their own Betterclean Services management business."

What is your opinion of the Betterclean Services franchise?

"I'm Wynne Hughes, I cover Swansea with Betterclean Services. I've been in sales for 20 years and I just think it's a fantastic opportunity, because the client base that we work with, suits my background. I think the fact that Dan and Mike are a great team, they've ironed out all the hiccups in the past, and it's a fantastic opportunity; just pick up the baton and make a lot of money basically, and run my own business."

"My name's Diane Thyre, the Practice Manager at Brunel Medical Practice. We've employed Betterclean Services since 2009 and they provide a full clinical cleaning service for our practices. They're an excellent cleaning provider, they respond very well - any problems we have, they sort them out very, very quickly and they just provide a very, very good service for a busy Practice Manager."

Franchise owners employ a Supervisor to manage the cleaners and auditing, so they can focus on growing their business.

"My name is Kishore Patel. My background is having worked for a multi-national corporate company for many years, in different senior management roles. I would thoroughly recommend Betterclean Services as a franchise business to go for, main for the reason is its a business that has been set up; it's got a good business model, its own systems and processes that have been tried and tested and gives you the benefit to learn from other people's experience and run a business that's all ready up and running with a brand name behind it."

What support is available to Betterclean Services franchisees?

Dan van Kuyk
"As a former franchisee, I know first-hand the support and commitment the franchise owners needs from the franchisor. That is why we have tailored a franchise management package that is comprehensive and supportive from day one. We are invested in your ongoing success, therefore we will help you maximise the potential of your business, every step of the way."

Would you recommend a Betterclean Services franchise?

Wynne Hughes
"Yes, I'd obviously recommend somebody taking out a Betterclean Services franchise. It may look, initially, like a large outlay, but the opportunities that are available are open-ended and you can make a lot of money to get your money back."

Dan van Kuyk
"If you're interested in finding out more about starting your own Betterclean Services franchise in your area, get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you."