Bluebird Care franchise owners reaping the profits of their venture

Bluebird Care is one of the largest and most rewarding franchise businesses. Franchise owners Phil Miles and John Prendergast generated a one million pounds turnover this year. These franchise owners are thus ahead of their target. These owners said that they enjoyed running a profitable business and at the same time liked doing something that helped their community.

Phil said that before they took up this franchise, they both worked as business development managers in a pharmaceutical company. He also added that he and John had worked together previously and were looking for a better balance between work and life. This was one of the reasons why they wanted to set up their own business. He also claimed that as they both did not have any experience in setting their own business, they agreed to check every route thoroughly when heading into self employment. It was then that John attended a seminar by the British Franchise Association, to gain an understanding of the franchise industry.

Through this seminar they got a better idea of the relationship between the franchise owners and the franchisor. They got a positive feeling from this seminar and liked the idea of investing in an established business. Phil added that this idea really appealed to them.

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