Braehaed Baguette Express achieve the top marks

Baguette Express is one of the most successful sandwich chains in Scotland and one of its stores (Braehaed) has topped the market sales. In their second year, the Braehaed store achieved the highest daily and weekly sales in the franchise.

This franchise is managed by franchisees, Craig Houston (32) and Graeme Carson (30). They also scored the highest in various areas such as stock management, cleanliness, customer service and health and safety.

The Braehaed Baguette Express is one of the most popular food outlets around. And in the stringent audit the company recently did, the Braehaed store scored 99 out of 100 points.

Graeme, one of the franchisees said that, it is an amazing achievement for them and it is due to the amount of effort and dedication shown by their staff. Franchisee, Craig said that, they are looking forward to develop and improve their performance further.

If you have a look online you will see that Baguette Express has established a number of franchise stores all over the UK. It is a brand that consumers can trust for good service, high quality and affordable prices.