Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Brian Tracy and I have given more than 5,000 seminars to more than 5 million people in 70 countries worldwide.

Now, I'd like to introduce to you, my business associate and my friend, Andrew Phillips. Andrew has been working with me for 10 years and he's an expert in our entire range of professional development, training and coaching programme. Andrew, and his team of franchisees and business experts around the world, are highly-skilled in staff training and they will help you achieve the results you want; increase sales, profitibility, productivity, performance and results, faster and easier than you ever thought possible.

If you are interested in owning your own training, coaching and consulting business, please contact Andrew [using the request button below] for more information about the benefits of owning a Brian Tracy franchise.

Now, I highly recommend Andrew for business mentoring and executive training. He is extreamly knowledgable and you will enjoy working with him. Andrew has coached and trained individuals and companies throughout the world and he always get tremendous positive feedback. Andrew has a thorough understanding of my Brian Tracy professional development programmes and he will quickly help you to find a solution to any challenge you're facing in your business today.

I encourage you to contact Andrew today - he guarantees results and he can help you achieve goals that you may have never thought possible before.