Burger King uses new Bluetooth technology marketing campaign.

It’s a highly recognisable brand name and the logo is seen all over the world. And it seems that Burger King’s marketing campaign continues to soar as the franchise has seen huge success with its Bluetooth advertising campaign.

There was recently a trail of the Bluetooth campaign for Burger King at Luton Airport and this resulted in 2265 people downloading the offer sent to their phone from a billboard in the check in lounge.

It was decided to try to use Bluetooth to attract customers to a franchise which was difficult to find and tucked away in the airport. The Bluetooth offer was sent to 20,000 people who passed by and 2265 of those downloaded the offer.

This was a trial to see how effective using Bluetooth marketing would be and it was used in conjunction with newspaper and television marketing campaigns.

Having seen the success of this campaign, it is thought that it won’t be long before other franchises use this technology too. As technology progresses, there is a constant need to update the way in which franchises communicate with their potential customers. And it looks as though Bluetooth technology could be one way forward.