Business for Breakfast signs another two new franchisees

Business for Breakfast, which has 90 clubs in the UK, is one of the most successful networking organisations in the country. Business for Breakfast is now expanding its franchising operation and has signed two new franchisees in Keynsham and Portishead near Bristol. Becky Hall, a former probation officer, runs Portishead and Keynsham groups. Becky Hall also runs a coaching business in Bristol.

Business for Breakfast at Haydock was launched by John Betton. John betton has taken over two successful groups in Leigh and Wigan. Business for Breakfast provides all types of structured and supportive networking environment for attracting supplier, new client and strategic alliances.

They are fast expanding their franchising operation that will invite astute business people to become part of their set-up and reap the potential rewards. Their franchisees come from different backgrounds. Some have expertise in essential services like printer, designer or accountant, whereas others have experience at the managerial as well as operational level. Importantly, they have a desire to be successful in life, and are ready to take on new challenges.