Business for Breakfast Franchise Video

Mel Fisher and Paul Davies talk about the Business for Breakfast franchise offering.

Video Transcript

Mel Fisher - Business for Breakfast founder
Business For Breakfast is a business referral facilitation and the size of the market that we are looking at in the UK, at the minute, is about 5.2 million small businesses that need a good facilitation, and that's what we're trying to provide, in the UK and internationally. Not only to do it well, but to become the best at doing it.

Paul Davies - Business for Breakfast
We are in the process of making this one of the best franchises you can purchase, in the UK. I want this to be a franchise of choice. To do that, we're putting the right infrastructure in place, we will then go out to the market and start to recruit quality franchisees.

You purchase an exclusive territory, alongside a development plan, for a period of five years, for between five and 10 networking clubs. That five years is renewable for a further five years, and at no cost to you. You walk in to a terrific CRM system, IT, marketing support, training and mentoring, and access to markets that you couldn't get to on your own.

If you think about it, there's no premises, there's no stock, there's no staff involved in this business. It's simple, it's very fast to develop, and it's very quick to profit.

No formal networking experience is necessary. What you do need, is a great awareness of the value of customer service. The other factor is a positive 'can do' attitude. That's what turns a business from good, to great.

When I first joined Mel in BforB, I was absolutely astounded at some of the earnings of the franchisees that really put the effort in. The return on investment, can be under one year, and that's pretty phenomenal for this industry.

In 2014, there were over 580,000 businesses registered at Companies House, and what do all of these businesses want to do? They want exposure, they want new contacts, new connections, new markets, and that's what you're able to provide.