Business opportunity with Caremark

Caremark is starting a network of home care franchisees with a promise to offer a national service to a market worth an expected £20bn and are poised for further development as the population ages.

In 2008, the Caremark network experienced considerable success organising seven franchisee training courses and welcoming eighteen new franchise holders. In 2009, this success is all set to be repeated.

In late 2005, the flagship office in rural West Sussex was the first Caremark and is the blueprint for Caremark businesses across the UK with fabulous revenues for 2008 being reached. Caremark has not only earned an outstanding CSCI rating but has also won tender for local extra care schemes, because of this Caremark continues to develop at an excellent rate.

This success ideally positions Caremark, not only to support its 31 franchised offices but also to grow their business.

Kevin Lewis, Managing Director of Caremark said that they will carry on developing the Caremark network via franchising as this is the best plan to guarantee the quality of the service provided by them.

Caremark are looking for people who are determined to offer the best care services to their local area.