Cañas y Tapas, the Spanish way

The recession is upon us and this is why not many of us will be heading for a holiday abroad. However, you could help to bring abroad to the UK!

Spain has always been the preferred travel destination of many Brits, and since not many will be heading to Spain for their holidays, how about bringing Spain here?

Cañas y Tapas is an authentic Spanish restaurant and now they are in the UK with their culture and cuisine, so that Brits can enjoy it without having to travel thousands of miles. The authentic Spanish experience all year round!

Already having entered the markets of Spain, France and Portugal, Cañas y Tapas is now looking towards franchising as a means of entering the UK restaurant market. If you always wanted a business of your own, this could be your chance to be a single unit operator or even become the area developer. Cañas y Tapas provides the necessary training through its head office in Spain.

Cañas y Tapas was founded in 1999 and has had a successful business model since it started franchising in 2003. With a network of over 90 restaurants, Cañas y Tapas is now looking out for you to help their in their nationwide expansion with a franchise of your own.

With the live entertainment, lights, pictures, decoration, the Andalucian tiles, musicians and even Spanish dancers, a complete Spanish experience can be enjoyed here at Cañas y Tapas.

The investment required is between £500,000-£600,000 (depending upon the location and size).