Card Connection franchise experiences increase in sales

It is hard to believe that trading could see an increase in demand at the current economic climate. Card Connection, the greeting card franchise recently reported that it has seen an increase in sales in its Canterbury/Dover region franchise outlet. Vanessa Culliford and Jason Hook who are business partners in that Card Connection area have said that as compared to the same time last year, sales figures have increased by 27 %.

Andrew Cutler who is Card Connection’s sales and franchise director said that Hook and Culliford joined the franchise two years ago and in the last six months have been attempting to grow their business. The duo have begun to work with fifty three additional retail sites, resulting in their Card Connection portfolio increasing to more than 200 retail customer stores which would explain the considerable rise in sales.

Hook said that their success was because of a lot of hard work and enlarging their business through the introduction of new retail customers. Their targets, he said was to get a new retail customer to stock greeting cards from Card Connection every week, which they are achieving every week.