Card Connection franchise in the UK

The Card Connection franchise is an ideal choice if you are looking for a franchise that will help you to make good money and improve your lifestyle. Card Connection has not only been a full BFA member since 1994, it is also viewed as one of the UK’s finest run franchise businesses.

In the UK and Ireland, there are more than 100 Card Connection franchise owners who are serving approximately 16,000 retail outlets. The Card Connection franchise places greeting cards on batch and acts similar to the local wholesaler.

The advantages of a Card Connection franchise are as follows:

Excellent income from well established businesses: For over a decade, the Card Connection franchise has enjoyed nationwide distribution. This will lead to income from day one. Card Connection have inspected all the franchises for sale and decided to offer them at goodwill prices. The franchises will ensure return on capital and a good income.

Flexibility: The majority of the Card Connection franchisees operate from home, hence it involves fewer expenses. You only need to have storage space, a vehicle for transportation, a computer and a telephone.

Outstanding variety: In every day card range, there are approximately 800 cards. Cards are available in a variety of types to meet the need of the UK greeting card market. Card Connection also has a range of gift products.