Card Connection Franchisees To Supply Eid And Diwali Cards

Leading greeting card publisher and franchisor, Card Connection, has announced that its network of franchisees is now able to supply a new selection of greeting cards to mark the Muslim celebrations of Eid. In in addition new designs for Diwali, the five-day Hindu festival of lights, have also been made available to enhance the extensive range of more than 1,500 quality greeting cards Card Connection franchisees have to offer retailers across the UK.

“Card Connection’s focus is on providing an unparalleled selection of top quality greeting cards which appeal to a wide audience,” confirmed Michael Johnson, Managing Director of Card Connection. “As well as new designs for occasions including Eid and Diwali, we have also introduced cards which appeal to specific communities such as our Welsh language cards. These are already proving particularly popular with Welsh speakers.”

The new range celebrating both Eid and Diwali cover general captions and use a mixture of photographic and also a bright graphic style.