Card Connection: New Displays For A New Year

Leading greeting card publisher, Card Connection has announced it has developed new display equipment which is being prepared for roll-out this year. The new shallow wing and separate gondola end units, are designed to optimise space and to present Card Connection’s extensive range of greetings cards and accessories like bottle and gift bags and wrap in limited space.

“We were originally approached by Budgens to create a new fixture to help maximise space in-store,” confirmed Stuart West, National Sales Manager at Card Connection. “They needed a shallow fixture that ensured the walk way remained at least a metre wide for disability access. However, at the same time the display needed to present greeting cards to their best advantage, encouraging buying behaviour. We spent several months developing ideas and came up with a solution which was just 20cm deep so it can be positioned tight to the isle divisions. An additional solution, based on this design, is also now available to forecourts – adapted with a slightly lower rise.

“All stores are under increasing pressure to maximise sales in limited space,” continued West. “Our gondola end, which we also improved, has now gone from the initial 20 pockets to 60 pockets, ensuring more stock can be displayed optimally. This, combined with the new shallow display means our franchisees can really offer some exciting solutions to the challenge of making the best use of in-store space for their valued retail clients.”

In addition to the new display roll-out, Card Connection has also updated its branding and logo and given its website a re-fresh.

Card Connection is one of the UK’s largest card publishers and is the market leader in the franchised distribution of greeting cards. The Business’ unique model of consignment sales has resulted in a strong brand and established reputation which has been proven over many years and in 2013 Card Connection celebrated its 21st year in operation as a franchisor. Through its franchisees Card Connection supplies about 12,000 retailers throughout the UK.