Card Line for a great business opportunity

Card Line, one of the biggest greeting card companies in the UK is looking to franchise and if you are looking for a secure business, Card Line could be what you are looking for. Over the years that Card Line have been in operation, they have developed secured accounts with a variety of outlets, such as petrol stations, newsagents, post offices and so forth. With an ongoing tele-sales campaign, franchisees will find it even easier to make sales.

With a Card Line franchise, you could be a part of the £1billion greetings card industry - one that’s growing all the time. You would get a full range of products, exclusive trading areas and a near recession proof business as cards are priced cheaply and sell in almost any environment. With a network of over 70 franchisees throughout the UK, you can rest assured about Card Line.

With an initial package of £10,000 plus VAT that is redeemable after getting registered, Card Line offers extensive and comprehensive training and support. With a profit of 28p per card, expected gross profit depending on the number of outlets is in the area of £20,000 to £40,000 and is a near recession proof environment. Card Line sounds exactly like the head start you always wanted.