Cargocall’s vision of becoming a global brand in franchising

International transport solutions have been provided to businesses for the past 11 years by Cargocall. Small as well as large companies which import and export various products and raw materials are all managed and arranged by Cargocall.

Many companies have been doing their business in the overseas market for quite a long time. These companies do require a reliable source to ship their goods and products across continents. Cargocall is one of the most trusted names as far as freight forwarding is concerned. Cargocall has a good service reputation and are trying to grow and develop their brand through franchising.

Cargocall has a brokerage-type of business model and so there is no need to invest in expensive capital equipment and vehicles. The Cargocall franchise is easy and quick to establish. Cargocall also offers good training and support to help ensure success.

Cargocall is a white collar business management franchise that offers attractive earnings from its business model. Cargocall has the ability of becoming a global brand.

Features and benefits of Cargocall franchise:

•    Cargocall has a comprehensive franchise package •    Provides excellent service and ongoing support •    Cargocall is business-to-business white collar management service •    Provides an attractive earning potential •    Has a potential for strong business growth •    Is a proven business model •    It is a business with a global vision