Cargocall To Advise Welsh Assembly

Cargocall South Wales CargoCall South Wales has been given the task of providing advice and expertise to the Welsh Assembly, as they continue to assist local businesses in the region.

The South Wales division of the freight-haul business became the first CargoCall franchise owners five years ago and are now well-established within the local economy. This advisory position to the Welsh Assembly is a result of their comprehensive experience within the logistics industry.

David Lewis, Managing Director of Cargocall South Wales, said: “We have enjoyed building relationships with local businesses who specifically want to improve import costs, helping them audit and reduce costs and comply with the demands of the whole shipping process.”

Under Lewis’ leadership, CargoCall South Wales has become the pioneering franchise for the entire business. Since the division’s establishment, they have delivered some of the heaviest air freight shipments in the history of CargoCall.

Lewis and his team in South Wales have just renewed their five-year deal with the franchise.