Cartridge World - your franchisor

The dreaded ‘r’ word is on everybody’s lips and more and more people are shying away from investing in businesses of their own because of the forecasted recession. Even banks are extremely wary of investing in small businesses. At times like such, if you want to have and operate a business of your own, then franchising is your answer. Banks are also more likely to invest in franchisees as compared to other businesses. However, make sure that you do your homework well and know where you want to invest in.

Cartridge world that was established in Australia in the year 1988 was established in the UK in 2001 and now has a network of nearly 300 outlets in Harrogate. If you plan to franchise, Cartridge World is looking for you to join in their success story with a franchise of your own. Being the largest retailer of printer cartridges with refilling and remanufacturing being done, with more than 300 outlets in the UK, Cartridge World is quite big and makes for a great franchise opportunity.

According to Ashley Smith, who opened his first franchise in Rotherham in the June, 2003 and a second one in 2008, Cartridge World is where you want to be if you plan to invest in a franchise. The fact that they concentrate on customer service is the secret of their success.

The total cost of this franchise is £29,950 + VAT plus a working capital and this includes the comprehensive training given by the experienced franchisor.