Cash Converters is one of the largest and most recognisable brands in franchising today and is not just a UK franchise but a global name. We caught up with Roger Warren, the Company’s Operation Support Manager, to find out about the sheer scale of the business.

Roger told us: “Cash Converters started 30 years ago in Australia and the concept was brought over to the UK 20 years ago, so we’ve been in the UK now for just over 20 years. We’ve got 227 stores, of which we’ve got 164 franchise stores operating as of today.

“The Cash Converters business is a high level business and it isn’t a business to get into if it’s just a job that you’re after.

“It’s a longer term investment. We’ve got 80% of our franchisees are multi-site operators so in effect at the moment we’ve got them owning anything from to up to some of our franchisees have got up to 24 stores, so it’s a business rather than a job that these guys have invested into.”

We’ll be talking to Roger Warren again on our site to find out a little bit more about the key benefits of franchising with Cash Converters.

In the meantime, for further information on the Cash Converters franchise click here.