Cash Generator – Set to spread throughout the length and breadth of Scotland

Cash Generator is a buy and sell retail franchise which is planning to expand the brand across Scotland. In fact, Cash Generator wants to double the number of new stores that they are currently only open in Scotland. It wants to open as many as 14 new stores throughout Scotland.

Cash Generator is a store franchise where people can buy, sell or loan top quality products. It offers a range of top quality graded items, brand new and pre-owned products for sale and offers instant money for goods. It also offers good quality financial services like foreign currency exchange, Western Union, pawn broking and had facilities to cash cheques.

The company which has been running for fifteen years currently has 93 franchises throughout the length and breadth of England, Wales and Scotland.

The Managing Director of Cash Generator, Julian Urry, said that the plans to expand in Scotland were a major part of the company’s expansion plans which is to have approximately 300 stores open nationwide. He also pointed out the specific areas where the company expansion is sought which include Aberdeen, Arbroath, Paisley, Stirling, Lochee, Cumbernauld, Falkirk, and Ayrshire.

Julian Urry further added that there are many reasons behind the company’s huge expansion plans in Scotland, the most important of which is ambition, hard work and the dedication of the Scottish franchise owners. Moreover Cash Generator wants to make a significant impact upon the high street in the UK.

As a result of their expansion, Cash Generator is on the lookout for new dedicated and hardworking people who are interested in taking up a franchise of the company.