Cash Generator – The buy and sell store

In the UK, Cash Generator is the most successful type of ‘buy and sell’ store. Cash Generator offers multiple profit streams in order to maximise safety and profitability. This is considered to be the greatest strength of Cash Generator by most of their franchisees.

Nick Bourne started his Cash Generator franchise in Weymouth and was amazed with the growth of the business. His business was so successful that within a year he was able to purchase his dream car: an Aston Martin DB9.

Nick decided to quit his job as a Community Officer for Dorset Police. He purchased a Cash Generator franchise as he was so impressed with their presentation.

Nick has experienced great sales success since opening his store. In less than a year Nick says that he had achieved a turnover of more than £1million. He has now also opened a second store and is planning to open a third.

In 1997, Dave Elwood launched his first Cash Generator store. Now, he has developed his personal business portfolio of five stores and is preparing to launch the sixth. Expansion and growth of Dave’s business has attained success with no present day debts on any of his stores.