Cash Generator’s award winning formula helps them to succeed

Cash Generator is one of the most successful loan, buy and sell store group in the UK. It has a business model that is continuing to generate income even in a tough economic climate. Cash Generator was set up with several income sources for maximising the profitability and safety. Most Cash Generator franchisees believe it to be their greatest strengths, with an ability of offering services that are well-accepted during the tough economic conditions.

They maximise their potential by offering pre-paid MasterCards to their customers, worldwide money transfer services, foreign currency exchange and both asset and personal backed loans. These services also complement their core offerings of negotiable prices on pre-owned and new goods, cheque cashing facilities and buy-back offers. Cash Generator is a revolutionary instant cash provider and high street retailer to the communities where they operate.

Cash Generator Gloucester franchisee, Mark Smiley said that he made a conscious decision of investing in a franchise store of his own with a proposal to replicate their success after witnessing the success rate of the area manager of the Cash Generator franchisee. Presently, he is well ahead of his target in the initial year whilst having a £100,000 net profit in view.

The Cash Generator is also looking for franchise owners in order to expand their brand throughout Scotland. By opening 14 new stores over the next two years, the company is planning to double its presence in Scotland and would be ideal if you are looking for a good opportunity in franchising.