Cash Generator franchise owner Alan Purdue shares his experience

After becoming a franchise owner of Cash Generator, Alan Purdue, ex-army warrant officer, has a better earning potential and has also improved his life/work balance. With its all inclusive support and training package, Cash Generator has greatly helped Alan Purdue to adjust to a civilian life after working as a warrant officer in the transport and logistics corps of the army for nearly 22 years.

After operating his franchise for two years, Alan has built a thriving business in Port Talbot and is looking forward to expanding his business. Alan said that he joined the army when he was 16; therefore the military was the only thing he knew. He even met his wife Natasha in the army and for many years, the lifestyle suited them until she became pregnant. He hated the thought of going out on tours for six months while not being able to see his wife and children on a regular basis. So, he began to think of alternative options outside the military.

Alan always wanted to be his own boss, but he was very anxious of starting his own business as he would have to start completely on his own. This was the time when investing in a franchise was a reasonable solution. The idea of having a tried and tested business model and an access to ongoing training and support was extremely appealing. After doing plenty of research, Alan decided to opt for the Cash Generator franchise as he found it to be perfect for him.