Cash Generator looking for like minded people

Cash Generator, one of the UK’s leading and growing stores for buying, selling and loans, has seen a great growth over the last 12 months and has received tremendous interest from potential franchisees and even existing ones who are looking to expand. Nick Bourne of Weymouth, a franchise owner himself, talks of the tried and tested business model and the layout of the store as the main ingredients to his success story. In his first year, Nick’s franchise has seen a turnover exceeding £1 million. According to him, it is the hard work and the franchisor’s support that deserves all the credit.

Another success story is that of Graeme Mulheron who opened his first franchise in Luton in 2007. Now, in his second year of trading, he has done away with the bank and is able to finance himself. Graeme believes that it is because Cash Generator is such a big brand that it can continue irrespective of the financial climate. It is because of Graeme’s faith and belief in the system and business model that he is now earring a net profit exceeding £300,000.

Although this is typically a male dominated industry; we have the story of Rysia McCallum who made it big with her Lowesoft franchise. With the great support that she got from the franchisor and the tremendous response from her customers, Rysia is confident that within 12 months, her project budgets will be smashed. She has already planned on opening another four to six franchises within the next five years.