Cash generator observes rise in Quality Applications

Despite the fall in the economy Cash Generators continue to see a growth in their franchise network. The number of applications to buy, sell and loan franchises have increased enormously in the last 12 months. Almost 15 new stores have opened all over the UK in 2008.

The main reason for so many applications according to the company is due to the down turn of economy. This down turn has forced many people to re think about their careers.

Robin Page, Franchise Director of the company states that he is proud with the exceeding number of applications. Also it is the economy that drove people to venture into franchise options. He also elaborated that with the position they held in the market they were happy to see the applications they were attracting.

They currently own 80 stores all over Wales, Scotland and England that are owned and franchised. The stores provide financial assistance along with cheque cashing and currency exchange.

Robin Page concluded by saying that they had big plans for the year 2009. They would expand their franchise stores and reach out to several entrepreneurs who wish to invest with them while managing multiple stores and expanding further south with focus on the M25 region.