Diamond Drilling And Cutting With Castle & Pryor

Diamond Drilling is a quiet and non-percussive way of forming holes and openings varying in size from 6.0mm - 1.200mm in diameter, by using a wet or dry drilling technique; precise holes can be made through all types of base materials.

The precise nature of Diamond Drilling means that a well-trained and fully-experienced operative is important to the success of any project. This is especially true as there are many various drill motors in multiple sizes, attached to a multitude of different types of rigs, of which are powered by various means: electric, petrol, or diesel. With many different attachments ranging from trailer mounted rigs, hand-held drill motors, twin column assemblies and automated rigs all of which can have a significant effect on the outcome of any project.

Other forms of Diamond Drilling consist of stitch drilling, this method entails a series of holes drilled next to each other to form opening(s) for services and the like.

There are various benefits of diamond drilling including the non-percussive nature of diamond drilling, which significantly reducing HAV's (hand arm vibration). Diamond drilling is free from bursting and spoiling and requires little or no reinstatement work and delivers a clean environment by attaching water and dust controls. Diamond drilling forms holes where the size or shape is abnormal and can be performed in a variety of materials - reinforce concrete, mass concrete, brick masonry and block work.

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