Catherine Jamieson Loves The Flexibility 2way2wealth Offers

Allan Foulkes and Catherine Jamieson - 2ways2wealth Catherine Jamieson spent a lot of her free time travelling and had long been looking for a business that she could pack up with her and take on her travels. Jamieson said: “I wanted a business that didn’t restrict me to one place.” She is delighted that she can now operate her 2ways2wealth business wherever she is in the world, at a time to suit her.

2ways2wealth offers a new challenge for Jamieson to do something for herself and when asked what attracted her most to the opportunity, she stated: “I don’t like pushy sales tactics and a lot of opportunities I have looked at requires this. I like the product 2ways2wealth offers and love the fact that you can give the product away for free, I see myself very much of a promoter.”

Jamieson recently atteded her introduction training day with Allan Foulkes, one of the founders of the organistation, and was delighted with everything she received. 2ways2wealth offers new licensees an initial training day followed up by a three-month development plan that includes 1:1 training, webinars, online demonstrations and so much more.

Jamieson can’t wait to start signing up her contacts she has made from her travels and is very excited about the next few months. She concluded: “Thanks for a productive and enjoyable day.”