Celebrating 10 Years Supporting The Nursery Sector

A love of exercise, a fascination for nutrition and a keen interest in child development, led to Tanya and Deno Davie bringing Stretch-n-Grow to the UK, 10 years ago in September.

Over the past 10 years, Stretch-n-Grow has helped hundreds of nurseries and taught thousands of children, aged between 16 months and seven years, with their curriculum-based exercise and nutrition programme that links to the ‘Early Years Foundation Stage’ in England, ‘Birth to 3’ and ‘Curriculum for Excellence’ in Scotland.

Stretch-n-Grow teaches children the fundamentals of a healthy lifestyle, creating positive habits at an early age to children within nurseries and other early year settings. The last 10 years have produced some great success stories and in a recent survey* 98 per cent of nurseries rated Stretch-n-Grow as good or excellent, the majority voting for the latter.

To mark the commitment from the nursery sector (and other early years settings) Stretch-n-Grow is running a competition for nurseries to win a free one-day CPD workshop (worth £1,000) to take place at their setting. This will focus on the top 10 methods of developing fine and gross motor skills for pre-schoolers and will cater for 10 members of nursery staff. A fantastic educational opportunity!

Deno Davie, Managing Director from Stretch-n-Grow, commented: "We’ve had an extraordinary 10 years. Supporting nurseries by teaching children good exercise and nutrition habits, has been extremely rewarding and we hope has made a long-term difference to the children we have taught. Our goal is for children to lead healthier lives and we look forward to continuing to do this in the next decade."

*The 2013 Stretch-n-Grow Movement Matters Survey