Be your own boss with a CeX franchise

Rafakat Ali decided to invest in a CeX franchise opportunity prepared with existing knowledge of running his own franchise and a zeal for entertainment goods. Rafakat and his wife Safeena are working hard to establish their CeX franchise and are also concentrating on their existing franchise for its smooth functioning.

For more than 18 months, Rafakat Ali owned a franchise with a mobile phone company and enjoyed the position of an owner. He was interested in investing in another franchise market to taste success again. He noticed an online advertisement for a CeX franchise and felt that he had enough retail experience and product knowledge to make this business a successful one.

CeX is an electronic goods and entertainment retailer that gives a consumer the opportunity to sell, buy and exchange old goods from seven different products including video games, mobile phone, DVDs, electronics, music CDs, vision and computing.

Rafakat Ali met Hugh Man, the franchise director of CeX, before launching his franchise. He also took part in an in-store assessment to work with an existing CeX franchise. He also helped other people to launch their franchise. In this way he became experienced and prepared himself to launch his own store in Middlesbrough.

He was helped by CeX’s support manager and a small team sent by CeX from day one to help him to open his store. The team supported him for the first three weeks and helped him start the business.