Become a CeX franchisee

To make their business successful, franchisee Rafakat Ali and his wife Safeena work hard. Having a passion for entertainment goods as well as previous experience of running his own franchise, Rafakat Ali decided to invest in the CeX franchise.

Rafakat Ali says that he has been a franchisee with the mobile phone company for the past 18 months. He says that he really enjoys being his own boss and was keen on investing in some another area within the franchise market to replicate his previous success. He had seen the CeX advertisement online and thought that becomiong a franchisee was a great opportunity. As a CeX customer, he felt he had enough product knowledge along with his previous retail experience and that this could help him to run the business successfully.

CeX is a retailer which deals in entertainment and electronic goods. CeX offers its customers an opportunity to buy, sell and exchange second-hand goods for their main products: DVDs, video games, computing, electronics, mobile phones and CDs.

Rafakat Ali said that the real benefit of investing in a franchise is the support package. Right from day one, CeX sent a support manager with a small team to help him in opening the store and to support him during the first three weeks of trading.