CeX looking for new Master Franchise for Ireland

After 18 years of trading in the UK, Complete Entertainment Exchange (otherwise known as CeX) are planning to set up a Master Franchise in the Republic of Ireland.

CeX wants to recruit an Arena Developer who has strong knowledge of entertainment products. Moreover, he/she also needs to have the ability to manage and operate the stores, before applying for the Master Franchise license for Ireland.

At present, CeX has 102 stores which operate all over the UK. Out of these 102 stores, 46 are franchised. Due to their international network, they also have seven stores in countries including the USA and Spain.

CeX sell a range of popular products, including video games, DVDs, CDs, mobile phones and electronics.

John Cronin, Marketing Manager of CeX, said that the recession had encouraged more people to opt for more affordable second hand goods, which has been great for CeX. He added that CeX have also dropped prices, which has increased their profits.

Potential applicants for the Master Franchise Owner position should possess the ability to help to expand growth within CeX even further.