The benefits of a CeX franchise

As more and more Britons are feeling the effects of the credit crunch, they are deciding to stay home. This has resulted in an increase in the amount of home entertainment goods sold. Simon Roberts, who is a CeX franchise owner, is a perfect example of how opening up CeX franchises can produce huge profits.

Simon has seen a tremendous rise in the business conducted through his franchise over the last year. The main product areas of sale included DVDs, computers, electronics, video games and mobile phones. These sales have made Simon get really close to his goal of making a one million pound turnover mark.

Before getting a CeX franchise, Simon ran a petrol pump. He was basically fed up with the rigid and unsociable working hours involved with running a petrol pump. Simon wanted to find a business he could manage on his own so he looked into available franchise opportunities. CeX franchise attracted Simon because it had a very high profit potential and it also offered him the opportunity to work according to his own conveniences.

Simon is absolutely satisfied with his CeX franchise and plans to open a new one soon.