Cheap deals ensure sales growth for Domino’s

The biggest pizza delivery firm in the UK said that it was on its way to beat the market expectations as it took advantage of cheap advertising tools to boost the company’s sales. Domino’s, which presently has 576 franchise-run stores in the UK and Ireland, said that the advertising of their latest short-term pizza offers were successful. In one case, like-for-like sales were up by over 80 per cent in a single night.

The overall efforts taken by the chain to advertise its online delivery services has greatly helped to boost up their e-sales with a rise of 38.9 per cent to £35.2million which accounted for over 26% of UK delivered sales. Moreover, Domino’s has also added some new products to its menu, including the new hot cookies and the Piri Piri Pizza.

Chief executive of Domino's, Chris Moore said that the half-year results had been accomplished against the 'backdrop of sustained economic turmoil, the current good weather and great performance, compared to the previous year’. He also said that while hot weather does not impact on their business, sales generally go up following long-lasting periods of warmer weather, when people are no longer able to barbeque. Despite of the recession, customers are choosing to eat in, rather than splashing out on restaurant meals.