Chemex franchise owner John Bennett shares his experience

After moving from supervising a multi-million pound agriculture business to operating his own Chemex franchise, there is no uncertainty about which career John Bennett is happy with. John said that he has a very strong work ethic and a background to work for long hours. Although, it is still the early days, he is enjoying the flexibility of working when he wants to.

Prior to spending 16 years in the sector, John initially earned a degree in agriculture. He said that he was in his last job for around 10 years and ended up being stuck in a rut. John was toyed with the concept of doing something on his own but he was put off by farming because of the high setup cost. He also added that he was not brave enough to go into a different sector completely on his own. However, franchising presented him a way into the business.

When John met Melvin Lusty, the founder of Chemex, who lives in the same village as John, he decided to take up a chance with the brand that he was aware of and the one that he can trust on. He signed up in April to take on an existing Nottinghamshire territory which offered him instant business. Chemex’s network of more than 80 franchise owners throughout the UK operate as delivery operations and mobile sales with a product range of more than 400 hygiene and cleaning products.