Chemex International franchise grows in strength

James Trahearn has been appointed as non executive director along with Ron Hutton as Sales Director by Chemex International.

Chemex International was established 22 years ago and now it has become the leading supplier of hygiene and cleaning material suppliers in the whole Europe, including the UK.

James Trahearn has a business development and corporate finance background. He also has a wealth of experience in that fields that compliment the skill of the team. James Tranhearn offered a seasoned view for developing a structure, which became successful in the industry. Ron Hutton, the former head of franchisee recruitment in Rainbow International, has an enviable track record in the franchise industry.

Chemax are looking to appoint a non- executive director. This non- executive director will possess experience of extensive chemical and hygiene industry. Sean Derrig, the Director of Chemex, told that the business continues to grow even though there is doom and gloom of the credit crunch in the market along with uncertainty in economy. The franchisees of Chemex International have recorded strong sales during the first quarter of 2008.