ChemEx to grow with you

Known as the Chemical Express when it began life as a franchise in 1985, Chemex International as it is now known, has enjoyed a great reputation, winning the title of the Franchisor of the Year in 1996.

In 2006 the company was sold to three veterans in franchising and they immediately changed the strategy of the organisation from franchise recruitment to a business builder. They decided to focus on recruiting people who could grow the company as well as their individual business and could prove to be an asset for them. Now, Chemex International is looking for such like minded people who could be successful business people.

Chemex is looking for people who are enthusiastic and have the drive to succeed. Supplying cleaning and hygiene products to customers, Chemex is looking for individuals who could run a franchise, provide a quality, quick service to those who treat such cleaning products as a necessity and not a luxury. The Chemex package has a license fee of £8,500, while the remainder of the package is £13,000. Included in the package is an exclusive area, support and training. A start up pack, computerised management and accounts system, quality products, a website and financial support is also provided.

Your investment can give you this:

• Exclusive territory • Full and ongoing training • Field support • Mobile showroom • Quality products • Marketing and sales support • Individual website • National Accounts • Rapid business start-up programme • Fully proven system • Retirement income enhancement