ChipsAway – forget your job worries

It was Stuart Yorston’s father who encouraged him to try franchising. And now, as a successful business owner with ChipsAway franchise, Stuart is all set to purchase his first house. Stuart Yorston, a Geography graduate, always believed that he would be running an extremely successful business.

Similar to most students, Stuart always thought he would end up in a job related to his degree. However, like most graduates, Stuart found it difficult to secure a job in the field when he had no experience. But he couldn’t get that experience without a job.

Eventually, Stuart decided to look into franchise opportunities. Stuart said that his father had worked in the banking industry for many years and so he knew plenty of things about franchising. Stuart also said that his father felt that it would be a safe way of self-employment. He further added that if his father was 30 years younger, he would have definitely done the same thing.

Stuart and his father started to research on the different opportunities. Finally, they came across ChipsAway, the market leading Small to Medium Area Repair Technology (SMART) specialist and enrolled to attend one of their company's free and informal open days. After this, they decided to go along with ChipsAway franchise.