ChipsAway franchise repurchased by the ChipsAway management

The ChipsAway franchise which was sold to Myhome International in 2007 has been repurchased by the company.

The ChipsAway Group chairman, Roger Wild, while breaking the news, remarked that it was a great day for ChipsAway, Professional Car Cleaning (PCC) and Autosheen. He stated that the group’s employees, franchisees and vendors were very glad that the businesses were back under their wing again. Roger Wild also claimed that each business had bright growth prospects. CEO Lloyd Evans and his management team were most excited about the future of the group.

The repurchase took place at a time when demand for smart repairs was on rise. Smart repair is a process developed by ChipsAway for repair of damaged car paintwork. Many international insurance groups are also demanding access to ChipsAway services. According to Lloyd Evans, the insurance sector has realised the immense benefits of smart repairs in reducing repair costs. Consequently, he sees an opportunity for massive growth in the repair business over the next five years.

The ChipsAway group has 400 UK franchisees and operations in different countries including Europe, South Africa and Russia.

Nigel Wray and Stephen Hemsley, both highly experienced entrepreneurs, are partners in the ChipsAway management acquisition.

Roger Wild is delighted to have influential investors Nigel and Stephen with the company in its next stage of business growth. He claimed that their involvement would further strengthen one of Europe’s most experienced franchising teams and said that he was looking forward to an exciting future for the group.