ChipsAway helped Roger get his life back

Roger Catchpole started his ChipsAway Franchise in the spring of 2006 and is now reaping the rewards of a very successful business. The profits from his Bluebird franchise have enabled him to indulge in his love of motorcycles and cars. Roger has stated that ever since he opened the franchise, work has only been increasing. Moreover, he has managed to achieve all this only by word of mouth publicity.

After six months of owning the franchise, his income surpassed the amount he was earning at his prior job. These days, Roger can be seen driving around in his own BMW coupe or on a Harley Davidson Fat Boy motorbike.

Roger was formerly an IT manager and after being out of work for a second time, he realised that doing a job at a company could not guarantee him any kind of monetary security. It was then that he decided to become self-employed and start his own business.

He attended an open day with ChipsAway which is a small to medium area repair technology specialist. This really caught his attention and after interacting with various other franchise owners and searching for customer feedback, he decided to open his own ChipsAway franchise. Roger is now proud of running his own franchise and he says that this has given him his life back.