ChipsAway looking for franchisees

For those who are looking to break away from the regular 9 to 5 job and want to run a business of their own, franchising could be the way into entrepreneurship. John Scholey was one such person who decided to take the risk and quit his corporate job and got himself a ChipsAway franchise. He feels that this has been the best decision of his life and does not once regret leaving his job.

ChipsAway is the world leader in the small to medium area repair technology (SMART) repairs - a concept that was pioneered in the USA and later introduced in the UK. With this technology, you can make invisible repairs to those bumps, scratches and scuffs, quickly and cost effectively and can be back on the road in a matter of hours. As such minor car troubles keep happening, the demand is high and this business is near recession proof. The best part is that franchisees can operate from professionally liveried vans that give them flexibility, or could go for a static workshop.

According to John, it was hard work to start with, but the publicity that followed with word of mouth led to delighted customers and more business. Since this is an all set to go business, you can start earning from day one and have the satisfaction of running a business of your own, all this at a franchise fee of just £22,500+ VAT.