ChipsAway launches new advertisement

A leading automotive paintwork repair specialist, ChipsAway International, last month announced the commencement of its new TV campaign. As per the information that has been provided, the company’s light-hearted commercial is presently being screened across twenty different Sky and cable channels. The cable channels on which this commercial for ChipsAway International is being screened include channels like Bravo, Gold, UK Style, Hallmark and VH1. In addition to the numerous TV channels, it is appearing on the YouTube website as well, following the trend of increasing visibility on the internet.

Lloyd Evans, Chief Executive of ChipsAway, stated that the new advertisement looked to raise a smile from viewers and at the same time raise the profile of ChipsAway International. He also expressed excitement on behalf of his company as this advertisement will soon be viewed by millions in the UK as well as worldwide.

The advertisement represents a major effort by ChipsAway to promote its franchisees, raising the awareness of its brand and generating new business through high impact endorsement of ChipsAway’s services to consumers via national television as well as on the internet.

With close to 350 franchisees operating nationwide and a network of franchisors overseas, ChipsAway can claim to be one of the most successful franchises in the UK today.