Christian Lister appointed to the Board of Directors of the Genesis Initiative

Christian Lister has been appointed to the Board of Directors of the Genesis Initiative. He is the founder director of the fast growing X-Press Legal Services Ltd. Genesis in the SME sector represents the interest of some 400 different groups. It is an umbrella organisation representing the trade associations.

According to Executive Director of the Genesis Initiative, Alan Cleverly, the future strategy for Genesis is reflected by Christian’s appointment. Christian has accepted this position which has helped them gain good momentum. They were delighted that he had accepted this position.

He added that in order to foster a “can do” culture, Genesis optimises potential growth by working on behalf of SMEs. The business will flourish if they will participate in attaining the structural and economic reforms. He emphasised that the voice of the sector can be heard loud and clear by galvanising the SME community.

Cheshire-based X-Press Legal Services has 43 offices across the UK. Christian is the Operations Director of Cheshire-based X-Press Legal Services. It was launched as a franchise in October 2005.

Christian was delighted in accepting the invitation to join the board. He said that within the UK, Genesis has a powerful position. They have active supporters in House of Lords and the House of Commons.