Churchill's is a unique and exciting new fish and chip franchise, offering high quality food to customersand a powerful and professional new concept to new franchisees. It is the brainchild of James Lipscombe, the Managing Director of Fish 'n' Chick'n Ltd, the UK's largest chain of fish and chip shops.

We caught up with James at The National Franchise Exhibition to talk us through the Churchill’s offering.

James told us: “Our background with Churchill’s Franchising is Churchill’s Franchising is owned and operated by the most successful chain of fish & chip shops in the UK, whose name is Fish 'n' Chick'n, and we decided that we wanted to create an internationally recognisable brand for British fish and chips, which is why we came up with the Churchill’s franchise concept.

“We currently operate 38 stores in the UK with Fish 'n' chick'n employing over 600 people. We’ve got 40 years' experience in operating successful fish & chip shop restaurants and takeaways so you can be sure that if you decide to partner with us that we have the experience, the knowledge and the know-how to deliver on a good quality franchise offering for our franchise owners.”

We then asked James what the key benefits of franchising with Churchill’s are

“The key benefits of franchising with us are you are going to have the back-up of the largest chain of fish & chip shops in the UK and the knowledge of that business, with 40 years’ experience operating Fish & Chip shops. Also, my family have been involved in the fish and chip industry since 1923, so you’re actually getting a sort of double whammy there with 89-90 years of experience of operating fish and chips shops.”

He went on to talk about some of the specifics of the knowledge and service base that you can expect from a turnkey franchising solution such as Churchill’s

We also understand what makes the right site location with obviously operating so many stores in the UK. We know our customer demographics very, very well, we know the kinds of locations we want to be looking into to make those stores as successful as we possibly can.

“It’s a complete turnkey solution we offer so all of the products are effectively purchased through us and through suppliers that we have been working with for many years. We have four fishing trawlers that catch for us in Iceland and whilst we don’t own the vessels, we’ve worked with the Captains and the crews for over 20 years to ensure that we can be supplied with the best sustainably sourced fish possible.”

Ethical Business Practices

All of our packaging is recyclable. All made from recyclable materials as well so not only are we just interested in offering a good quality product to our customers, but we’re also interested in the environment and the ethics in which we want to conduct our business.”

For further information on the Churchill’s fish & chips franchise click here.