Cleaning Doctor is an established brand providing carpet, upholstery cleaning and restoration services; floor restoration and contract cleaning services; external cleaning and maintenance services; and home cleaning services. All options operate from fully equipped liveried vehicles and home. Two franchise owners share their experiences of Cleaning Doctor.

Ann Barr – Cleaning Doctor Home Cleaning

Ann Barr has been a Cleaning Doctor franchise owner for almost seven years and has enjoyed every one of them.

“Like everyone starting a new business, I found it very daunting,” says Ann. “I had my doubts about whether the demand for the services William Little had told me about would be there. However, I decided to go ahead and from the very first day my business really took off!

“I have only ever advertised once in a local paper, because the car and the website does it all for you – just sit back and the phone will ring! Even in this current economic downturn, I find myself in the happy position of always being fully booked.

“The work is definitely out there if you work hard and build up your business. This has resulted in my Cleaning Doctor business constantly receiving calls from customers needing our services.”

Ann adds that her success has also been down to the excellent support she receives from the Cleaning Doctor head office.

“The team has been a great help,” she explains. “Whenever I have needed anything, whether it be parts, materials or just advice, they are at the end of the phone willing and able to assist.”

Tim O’Connor – Cleaning Doctor External Cleaning

Five years ago, Tim O’Connor decided that he no longer wanted to work in a factory. While looking for new business opportunities, he met William Little, founder of Cleaning Doctor.

“External cleaning was the business I was interested in,” explains Tim. “I knew straight away that I wanted to be part of Cleaning Doctor’s success as I was highly impressed not only the state-of-the-art cleaning equipment, but also by William’s down to earth yet very professional approach.”

“On my journey home one thing stuck in my mind – William said to me when I was leaving the company’s head office: ‘Don’t waste my time or your time and money if you are not prepared to put in the work to make this business work for you and me.’

That statement was the deciding factor for Tim, as he realised that Cleaning Doctor was not just about the money.

“I knew then that William takes great pride in the Cleaning Doctor name, and is not just interested in selling a business to a man who could give the Cleaning Doctor brand a bad name,” adds Tim.

“Five years later and I am delighted to be part of the Cleaning Doctor franchise – I am self employed and out making money every day.”

Tim is also delighted that advertising in the local press and his Cleaning Doctor liveried van are generating even further business.

“With the Cleaning Doctor logo and details of the services I can provide, my van is the best advertising tool I have,” he beams. “When I am driving, I’m advertising; when my van is parked, I’m advertising!

“I could go on all day about how great Cleaning Doctor is, but nothing proves it better than the repeat business and new customers which I get year in, year out. This is all down to my knowledge of cleaning, which has been passed onto me by William Little from the decades of experience he has accumulated since he established Cleaning Doctor in 1985.”

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