Cleaning up the credit crunch

The credit crunch has hit everybody and the dreaded R-word is on the minds of everyone. In such times, franchising has come as a welcome respite from the recession. People tend to prefer bigger organisations to smaller ones as they believe that there are greater chances of a big company surviving than a small business and since you are associated with a large company there is a sense of security rather than being isolated.

This sounds exactly like the story of Swisher Colchester that was established in the year 2002 and has seen tremendous growth since then. It is now a renowned franchise that deals in hygiene solutions to all businesses like hotels, restaurants, kitchens, changing rooms - wherever there is a bathroom.

With new services and products being introduced, they are now growing at a fast pace and have been particularly successful in the home care and nursery market. They had to move out of their earlier premises due to lack of space for their extra stock.

This move is a clear illustration of the growth and success of this venture and Swisher Colchester are looking forward to expanding into Chelmsford and Bishops Stortford areas to do what they do the best - helping customers with hygiene and sanitation in their areas.