Cloudy2Clear Franchisee Living The Dream After Four Years

The Uig Hotel - Isle of Skye Cloudy2Clear is delighted to announce that the Bedford & Milton Keynes franchisee, Billy Harley, is now also the proud proprietor of the Uig Hotel on the Isle of Skye. Harley and his family have now moved to the hotel, which boasts some of the finest scenery in the UK, as he has made the leap to the kind of lifestyle they had always personally dreamed about.

Speaking about his newest business venture Harley is rightly proud of what he has achieved for both himself and his family: "Who would have thought that only four and a half short years ago I was fishing around on the internet looking for a new career, desperate for an escape from the corporate ratrace and look where it’s led me. Up until early 2013 I was more than happy with the career I’d forged for myself personally building my Cloudy2Clear business, but this opportunity came along and it suddenly dawned on me that I actually had already gained the freedom I’d always been craving.

"Once I sat down and looked at things, it became apparent that, due to my Franchises success, I could pretty much do whatever I wanted as, as long as my Franchise continued to be successful, I wasn’t reliant on the hotel for my family’s income and that would give me the space to work on the hotel business."

Harley consulted with the Cloudy2Clear Directors and found them refreshingly supportive: "When I initially told them of my plans I was a bit nervous, to be honest. I really wouldn’t have blamed them if they’d said no. After all, they had a successful franchise on their hands in Bedford and Milton Keynes and I could quite easily see, from their point of view, that they wouldn’t want anything to upset that. But straight away they took the opposite tack and said ‘OK, how can we help you do this?’ and together we’ve achieved a smooth transition to a management business back in Bedford and Milton Keynes with a highly motivated manager who has been trained by Cloudy2Clear and they are looking after him for me on a day to day basis.

"This way not only do I get to live the life I’ve always wanted to but Cloudy2Clear are protected in that they have continued to have a very successful branch and I still profit from my hard work in setting it up. Everybody wins – especially my old customers who, I know, are still receiving the same high levels of service from my team that they were before."

Commenting on Harley’s move, Cloudy2Clear Marketing Director Martin Waite is unequivocal in his support: "When Billy told us what he wanted to do we thought ‘Brilliant!’, because building successful businesses is not just about money, it’s also about people. When Billy first came to us he was just like any other new member of our family, someone with zero business experience who had made the biggest leap of faith in their working lives and put their trust in us to help him achieve his goals in life.

"He followed the system we gave him and created a fantastic business for himself which has allowed him to make this move. We really could not be happier for him and will continue to support him in whatever way we can. From our point of view we’re achieving our goals too. Surely, this is what Franchising is all about?"

So, is Harley now an ex-Cloudy2Clear Franchisee? "Not at all," he laughed. "There was a national franchisee conference recently that I couldn’t get to as we’d just moved in but there’ll be another in January and I’ll be there. In fact, I’ve also recently invested in another Cloudy2Clear area in Glasgow so I’m actually in deeper than before! None of this would have been possible without Cloudy2Clear.

"They taught me the right way to do business, look after your customers is the number one priority and follow the right principles and you can go far. In fact, I’m already getting testimonials from my hotel customers which look a lot like the ones we get back in Bedford and Milton Keynes so something has been drilled into me! The hotel has a long way to go but my future is secure with my Cloudy2Clear businesses behind me. Not so long ago I was sat behind a desk working as part of a big corporation with someone else deciding my future. Now I own 3 businesses and couldn’t be happier."

So, if you think YOU could take on a Cloudy2Clear area and are looking for a career which rewards you, and your family, for your hard work read more here. Someone in your area will become your local Cloudy2Clear Franchisee and have their lives changed so much for the better, so please make sure it’s you! This really could be the best call you ever make because our business, just could be, your future.