Cloudy2Clear Goes From Strength To Strength In 2013

Some of the Cloudy2Clear team - Summer 2013 Cloudy2Clear franchisees have posted yet another incredible set of results in 2013.

The national franchise, which replaces steamed up, broken or damaged double glazing has seen total turnover soar to £4.4 million, an increase of over 72% on 2012, a record year in itself.

While that figure is impressive in itself, the Cloudy2Clear branch network has is also growing at a rapid rate, with 12 new branches boosting the network to 37 strong in 2013 with two new further branches already booked in to open in January 2014.

"Many people would look at the increase in the figures and would say ‘oh, well, there’s more branches so the figure must go up’, but that’s not the whole story, " said Cloudy2Clear Marketing Director Martin Waite.

"The real strength is how our franchisees have grown on a per branch basis. While new franchisees have been coming on stream very rapidly indeed, our existing network has been busy vastly improving their own businesses. We’ve seen massive surges in income right across the board, meaning that whilst our new branches have been busy establishing themselves our older franchisees are pulling in more than ever before and are still driving forwards.

"Add to that the fact that of our 12 new starters every single one of them was profitable by the end of their second month and with all of these now ready to push on we are expecting further improvements across the board in 2014."

Waite is also keen to emphasise the ethos behind why the company is so successful: "It’s very, very, simple. I read an article once by a very successful businessman and he said that the only way for any business to succeed is if you put your customers first and yourself last. There’s no cutting corners, no ‘get rich quick’. We put customer service at the heart of what we do. We get a lot of enquiries for our services, but we have learned to pitch our marketing strategy at the level that each individual branch can cope with until they are ready to expand and take more vans and fitters on board.

"At the same time each branch must be properly organised and work efficiently. In that way they don’t let people down because they are too busy. That’s the key to all this, make sure that there’s not too much and not too little. When you get it right you fly, as can be seen in these results."

Understandably, with the franchise doing so well, demand for areas is also getting stronger all the time. "I know many people look into our businss and plenty of them wonder about taking the next step," continued Waite. "All I can say to that is that whilst you should always take your time about a big decision such as starting your own business almost half our exclusive areas have gone now. We’re disappointing more and more people who are applying for areas that have gone so if you are looking at us as an option then please get in touch as soon as you can or your area may go. It costs nothing to have a chat and see if this could be for you."