Cloudy2Clear Network Coverage Complete In Somerset

Cloudy2Clear Windows has completed their coverage of Somerset with the opening of the new Taunton, Yeovil and Minehead operation. John Lemon is the latest Cloudy2Clear Windows franchisee to join the ever-growing list of successful Cloudy2Clear branches.

"Ive been going a couple of weeks now and everything that was said to me before I joined has transpired," says John. "I’m not going to pretend it isn’t daunting, it is, but whether their is a market for the service is not a question I needed to be asking within days of placing our first ads. The phone has been going non-stop, the biggest challenge I’ve faced initially is keeping up with it all. That said we’re getting to grips with it now and I haven’t let anyone down so although it was a bit of a shock the customers seem happy and that’s the most important thing."

Although John was happy to take the plunge with Cloudy2Clear, he, like everyone else, did have concerns: "Of course you worry about things, it’s a huge investment to make. At my time of life this will be the last big career change for me and I wanted to make sure it was the correct one. Even after you sign on the dotted line you worry whether the marketing will work, whether you’ll be able to cope with fitting the glass and even whether you’ll have the right suppliers! Fortunately all this has been taken care of by the Cloudy2Clear team so everything was set up for me so that I just had to get out there and get cracking."

Cloudy2Clear Somerset links two existing branches in Devon and Bristol for the franchise and Marketing Director Martin Waite explains the importance of geographical coverage: "We advertise nationally on behalf of our franchisees, so obviously we don’t want to lose any customers because we can’t physically get to them. John joining us has taken pressure off our Bristol and Devon franchisees as they can concentrate on servicing their own customers, rather than being diverted away from their areas to service leads that come in just ‘off patch’. We’re pretty much a national company now anyway, there aren't many places we can’t get to, but this makes things a lot easier. From the perspective of someone coming to look at our franchise as a career choice, I would say, however, that we are filling up fast. There are only two areas in the South West left, for example, so if you have been looking at us for a while, get your application in as if our area goes I’m afraid it will be gone."

The message therefore is quite clear, if you want to join a successful, growing franchise operation and emulate the success of the existing network then don’t delay.